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August 2013

CONCEPT: Hair and Beauty Factory

A factory can have many definitions but the basis, the essence of a factory, can be defined as: centralized mass production, high production speed and lower costs for the end user. These essentials have been translated into the 'Geta Voinea Hair and Beauty Factory' concept in order to fulfill Geta's desire to open locations where people can enjoy quick services, attractive prices and an open door policy. You can just walk in without an appointment. Of course with the high quality service you can expect from a Geta Voinea location.

NEW: Factory Logo


For this new concept that is so different from the traditional hair and beauty salon we simply had to design a new logo to it in order to make sure our clients know the difference. "Am I entering a salon of factory?" Knowing the appointment policy, pricing system and the speed of the services differ. So let’s show you the difference so you recognize it: So the orange logo is the one for the hair and beauty salons. While the black one is the logo for Geta Voine Hair and Beauty Factory.

Color Code

The four dots on the factory logo correlate with the to the services we offer in the Factory. We know you are wondering why, so you'll find the explanation in the image from the left.


PRICING: Attractive

We have developed a special and very attractive pricing system for the Geta Voinea Hair and Beauty Factory. It allows you to buy packages (Basic and Full) and add (if you desire) individual services to the package. Or you can just enjoy the individual services you desire from the price list. With the Geta Voinea Member Card you will benefit substantially in the already attractive pricing system. For the member card, ask at reception.

LOCATION: AFI Palace Cotroceni, first floor.

The choice of the location for the new Geta Voinea location in AFI Cotroceni Palace has been thought very well trough. In the Cotroceni area, and thus in the malls, is not yet a Geta Voinea location. For the Factory concept a large space was fundamental, in an area that attracts a lot of people at a highly accessible location by car and public transport. AFI Palace Cotroceni meets all these requirements and therefore is for us the best choice. The Geta Voinea Hair and Beauty Factory is located on the first floor in the area of Zorky's play-ground for children, next to Pure Fitness and Adidas.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00 daily.
Contact Details: 0755.829.980; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We opened a special 'Information Island' to communicate to you and to everyone else in the mall our presence, our new concept, the new pricing system and service packages and to answer any questions you might have. And off course you are able to get the Geta Voinea member card which gives you great benefits. You can find our information island at the end of the same corridor where Starbucks is located, right before the escalators to the first floor and in front of REAL Hyper Market.

NEW: No appointment policy

Because of the seize is of the location and the concept we use it means we have a large amount of clients served in the same time. Therefore a system off 'no appointments' has been installed for the clients benefit. This 'no appointment' policy will allow us to serve as many people as possible at any given time. This way you can enjoy the services in the appropriate manner and off course it allows you to enter at any given moment it suits you and o be served. On our most busy days some waiting time can occur which should never be longer than 30 minutes. But being in the mall there is plenty to do to kill that time. And in the meantime you can leave your coat or jacket at our wardrobe.