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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are going to do something new!

June 2013

alt In about 2.5 months from now at some big location in Bucharest, Geta Voinea will do something very Special and New. How exciting!

So why don't we just tell you what it is? Yeah! Let's not!

At Geta Voinea we like to do things in style and we love to interact. So we have come up with something special to make known what we will do. We designed a sort of online puzzle where we give you the opportunity to discover where (location) and what (new concept) it is we are about to do. And the first three people that guess both the location and concept right will win a prize!

How does it work?

From time to time we will post some photos with a small text that combined reveal hints of what we will do and where we will do it.! These photos will have a recognizable signature on them so you will know it is part of the puzzle: (the four colored dots). All you have to do is try to find connections through the images and descriptions.

So when you see these colored dots appearing (show image of dots), it means the post is part of the puzzle.

Where can you play this puzzle? Go to Facebook: Geta Voinea Saloane ( and keep a close eye on the postings.

Good luck and have fun!